Brit lit recoils from the way we live
  • Jenni Russell

  • Jenni Russell is a British columnist and broadcaster. She writes for The Evening Standard, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. She is the 2011 Orwell Prize Winner for Political Journalism .
Brit lit recoils from the way we live

Brit lit recoils from the way we live

Everyone is hungry to read something broader and more humane than McEwan and Barnes because we want to understand society we live in

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Fear beyond the Westminster village is growing

At the political drinks parties I went to in Westminster and central London last week the gleeful, excitable talk was all of Europe

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Oh come, all ye faithless, we all need a little ritual

Photo by Donnie Ray Jones In our desire to be brought together with others and to be uplifted, we don’t need to demand practices that perfectly reflect our own views

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David Cameron’s failure of diplomacy is a gift to Merkozy

He didn’t get what he wanted, he didn’t do what he intended, and he has ended up wielding less international influence today than he had last week.

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Not skiving, minister, just suffering cancer

After spending most of the past year being treated for breast cancer it was with incredulity that I read the DWP proposals to review people in chemo

A fiscal rethink is Labour's only hope of regaining trust

A fiscal rethink is Labour’s only hope of regaining trust

The Labour Party has a tremendous problem. For more than a year it has been arguing that the economy will shrink if the Government cuts too far, too fast.

Now we know - the euro leaders have no Plan B

Now we know – the euro leaders have no Plan B

No one knows whether the euro will survive, revive or start to collapse this week, dragging the international economy down with it.

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

We may think we are logical, but a Nobel prize-winner is here to explain that most of our decisions are based on prejudice

Photo from the Prime Minister's Office

Sorry Mr Cameron, we do need to talk about Europe

The Tories and Europe. Those two words together have an almost unparalleled ability to make my spirits sink.

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Flatten the tents and firebombs will fly

If they shut down the safety valve of the civilised protest, they’ll just be laying themselves open to more expressions of incoherent rage

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Ministers are still ignoring the causes of the riots

Tonight the independent panel set up by the Government to inquire into the summer riots is holding the first of its public meetings.

Why are there so few female faces in the Cabinet?

Why are there so few female faces in the Cabinet?

Tweets in the wrong place. Friends in the wrong place. Westminster is gleefully calculating the likelihood of political survival for Liam Fox and Chris Huhne. Yet, riveting as these minor scandals are, they are the froth of politics.


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